Saturday, March 14, 2009

OneClick to Save Jenny

As readers of this blog know, Jenny is 15 years old. Two years ago, she was a normal, seemingly healthy girl. Today, she is a quadriplegic who cannot breathe on her own for more than a few seconds.

Despite over a year of intensive testing at several of the country’s top medical centers, doctors still aren’t sure what has caused Jenny’s paralysis. Some (mostly neurologists) believe that she has an unusual, rapidly progressive form of juvenile ALS – the same disease that confines Stephen Hawking to a wheelchair. Others (mostly immunologists) think she may have a rare autoimmune disease that mimics ALS.

Jenny’s first symptoms occurred not long after she received the last of three HPV vaccinations (Gardasil). Her family hesitates to declare Gardasil the cause of her illness without scientific evidence, but some MDs at top hospitals see the connection as possible and even plausible.

Thousands of vaccine recipients worldwide have reported adverse reactions to Gardasil. But their reports are largely anecdotal, and their reactions have not been confirmed as being caused by the vaccine.

The official US repository for data about adverse reactions to vaccines is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database. Our concerns focus on the inadequacies of the VAERS database.

Visitors to this blog (which has been visited by almost 30,000 people) have informed us of two other verified US cases of ALS following the Gardasil vaccination – cases that had not been reported to the federal system until we urged the families to do so. To put this in perspective, some at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that ALS would be expected to occur only once in every 1.6 million teenage girls. About 16 million doses of HPV have been given to young girls. Assuming that each girl receives 3 doses (some might receive fewer), this would suggest approximately 5 million young girls have received the HPV vaccine. Of 5 million girls, we would predict 3 cases of juvenile ALS. However, we already know of 3 definite cases of ALS in these young girls, just through Jenny’s website, and we know of 2 other possible cases through other sources. If this is correct, Jenny could be the tip of a small iceberg of tragically similar, but underreported-to-VAERS, cases. This is why we need to fix VAERS, and we need to fix it now, so that we can track adverse events to vaccines more efficiently and more quickly.

Jenny’s medical condition continues to deteriorate (see for a summary of her case history). To save her life, Jenny needs a miracle ... the kind that only modern information technology – and the good will of everyone who reads this blog or sees her video – can possibly provide.

You can help Jenny – and other girls like her – by signing the VAERS petition. Please go to to sign.


Mahendra said...

We're all rootin' for you Jenny. Hang in there.


K Fuller said...

I have signed this.

It is time for the Medical profession to step up and start being the Doctors they were trained to be. First do no harm. It is time to stop vaccinating using a one size fits all mentality. It is time to start treating all of us as individuals, *every time you see us*. It is not ok to lose a few people for the benefit of everyone. Listen to the parents. Stop ignoring the anecdotal evidence.

K Fuller said...

With your permisson I would like to post this link to my facebook.
I would never do this without your Ok

Jenny said...

To K Fuller and others,
It's totally OK to post links to this blog (or the video or petition sites) on Facebook or other Web pages. We're hoping to spread the word.
Jenny's family and friends

K Fuller said...

I have posted it, I hope it helps.
God Bless.

Anna said...

Only today did I find your website and I now grieve for the loss of a beautiful young lady named Jenny.


Bettridge said...

I am at the moment writing to TV stations and researching information reguarding this vaccine, I have found that this vaccine contains a chemical called Boric Acid which is used as a pesticide to kill cochroaches, Borax has done extensive research using Boric Acid indicating an association between adverse reproductive effects in humans and the toxic agent in question is biologically plausible. They discovered a decrease in sperm count and the stopping of embryonic development. I believe that there is some kind of hidden agenda behind this vaccine and I am not going to stop my research untill someone listens to me and something is done about it. This vaccine has just started in New Zealand and I intend to make all information available to parents.

Joann Bush said...

I know what it is like to loose a child so my heart goes out to you. My granddaughter developed JDM at age 2. She got where she could not raise her leg high enough to step up on a step stool. Countless doctors kept telling my daughter that it was allergies. Finally an army doctor gave us insight to an autoimmune disease. We got her to Texas Children's. It is possible that she may have been developing this disease and it was flared by the shot. Look at my granddaughter's website, www.jona's journey or go to my website, and you will be able to follow Jona's illness. This may be the link you are looking for. God bless you and my prayers go to you and your family.

Eileen said...

To Jenny's Parents,
My deepest sympathies. I lost my dad to ALS, I can't imagine lossing my 16 year old daughter that way. I opted not to get the Guardisil Series for her against my physicians advice as well as my community. Don't give up this fight. I eard about Jenny on my local news talk show and decided to research more. Thank you!

Márton said...

Dear Barbara Mellers and Philip Tetlock,

I am a Hungarian gynecologist. It was just a few days ago when I read about Jenny .
I'm so sorry about her.
I have a patent application containing the possibility of an effective neuroprotective treatment.
(United States Patent Application 20090124593 Pharmaceutical Compositions Primarily for the Treatment and Prevention of Genitourinary Infections and their ExtraGenital Complications May 14, 2009).
I would like to contact you and Barbara Shapiro. If it is possible please send me your email address.
Yours sincerely
Dr.Milánkovits Márton

Vaccination Awareness said...

I'm trying to bring awareness to the risks of vaccines

See the many that I have including this one:
Vaccines containing Aluminum Hydroxide - Linked to Neurological Damage:

Important we get the message out about the dangers of some vaccines, especially the HPV Gardasil one.
Thanks kindly, Lee.

herbprof said...

Something very few people are aware of and part of the reason the CDC can be so resistant. The CDC and also the National Institutes of Health are really both military organizations with uniformed people at the top. And of course that makes it chain of command and information flows from top down thinking organizations. Which of course is incompatible with free and open discourse and debate, exactly the opposite of science. I pray that the truth you are looking for opens up for you soon. This video discusses AIDS but the military structure of these two health agencies is also discussed. p://

Dr. Paul Blake N.D.