Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tributes in Poem

Two "friends of Jenny" who worked hard to save her life have written poems to commemorate that life. We wanted to share them with you:


Fly away Jenny
But don’t fly too far.
Fly to a place
Where you run, laugh, and play
The way you always were -
Be the free spirit that you are
The bravest heart
The gentlest soul
The most impish smile.
Fly away Jenny
But stay close to us.
We will never forget you.

The sun is meant to shine for all the day,
from dawn until a distant setting sun -
from careless days of play and precious fun
that pass so quick, yet in our mem'ries stay

The brightness of the morning warms our hearts,
and as the midday heat begins to rise
we look ahead with dreams behind our eyes
and plan our lives based on the ancient charts.

But rarely, will the moon eclipse our star,
and darkness seems to end the day too soon,
so all that's left's a name carved as a rune
invoking recollections time can't mar -

so in the light that follows the eclipse
the stories from before stay our lips.

Thank you, Barbara and Travis, for your lovely words.

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